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This site was started to make it possible to become better acquainted with a composer active in the first half of the eighteenth century, and to highlight his vigorous, intuitive, melodic compositions.

A contemporary of J.S. Bach, Paolo Bellinzani (Mantova 1682-Recanati 1757) dedicated himself almost exclusively to the composition of sacred music. His printed works spread throughout Italy pushing their way over the Alps all the way to Berkeley, California.

For years I have delved into his identity from a biographical, historical and stylistic point of view and I tried to bring to light some aspects in order to fill in some previous inaccuracies and gaps.

The contribution of the instrumental group I Miragetici created by me solely for the performance of the music of Bellinzani, and the further understanding of his style and of the signed notes he inserted in the title pages of some of this music, anticipate the publication of a book expressly dedicated to this composer that long ago was considered to be “singular in his art”.

For the Bongiovanni label of Bologna, I have just published - the first ever - compact disc of Le Sacre Lamentazioni for vocal solo, composed in 1735, availing myself of the singers Anna Malavasi, mezzo-soprano; Francois Razek Bitar, countertenor; Bruno Taddia, baritone; Antonio Marani, bass; with instrumental support by I Miragetici.

This first disc was presented in the Nome di Dio Oratory (Pesaro) on April 7, 2009, with the partecipation of Councillor of Culture Simonetta Romagna, Luca Bartolucci of the Municipality of Pesaro, musicologist Cristina Montanari and the present writer that, in the end, has performed the organ music of the composer on a valuable seventeenth century instrument.

On 21 January 2010, Le Sacre Lamentazioni were aired in the program “First Movement”, a spot created by Radio3 to report new interesting discs.

This disc inaugurated the preparation of a series of recordings dedicated to Paolo Bellinzani. The release of the next disc - 144 Versetti for organ dated 1728 - is anticipated in spring 2017.

Davide Marsano

Organ and harpsichord player


On finishing his studies (Liceo Classico), Davide Marsano obtained his diploma in harpsichord in Mantova and organ in Bologna with top marks. In Pesaro he took compimento inferiore in composition and a two-year organ degree where he graduated with honours. He was awarded a certificate of study at Sibelius Akatemia, Helsinki in the organ course of Professor Porthan (Bach's organ chorales), and the harpsicord course of Professor Mattila (the virginalists of the English Renaissance).


With the singers Anna Malavasi, Maria Parazzini, Razek François Bitar, Lorenzo Muzzi, Bruno Taddia and Antonio Marani in concerts and recordings. With T.D.V. Productions, Rome, for the creation of stage music for the play Il dramma dell'uomo Dio ("The Drama of God”). This Drama, directed by Nivio Sanchini, represents Italy in the sixth European tournee. Reciting voice Bruno Marini, Theatrical Company “The Sun And The Moon”, with the participation of actor Nando Gazzolo. With the Association "Lands of the Adriatic" for the composition of music for a multimedia CD for the Primary School of the Marche region. This Project was financed by the European Community. With the Province of Pesaro-Urbino for the elaboration of thirteenth-century music coming from Laudario di Cortona. Name of the initiative: Lectura Danctis, rapporteur: Alfredo Prologo, voices: Lucia Ferrati, Pietro Conversano, vocal group: “The Unusual notes”.

Main Publications

Davide Marsano promotes the rediscovery of Paolo Benedetto Bellinzani, 1682-1757, a composer contemporary of Johan Sebastian Bach The facsimile edition of the 144 short verses for Organ printed in 1997 by Casa Editrice Arnaldo Forni (Bologna) earned Marsano wide acclaim from many musicologists and from some magazines, while in his degree dissertation (“Paolo Bellinzani - the spiritual language”) Marsano explores the life, the style and the character of the composition and allows a wide dissemination of the work and of the fame of this ancient master of the Chapel.

Other Publications