During the first half of the eighteenth century past and future trend existed side by side. This brought about a change in awareness and a completely new musical conception which greatly influenced Bellinzani.

It is surprising to see the thought and evolution of style in his works which include both religious and secular music and extends throughout the first half of the eighteenth century (1700-1754).

In his youthful period we see him greatly influenced by the Venetian School in general, including Galuppi.

The contribution of the Roman School and the inluence of Corelli are also determining as the Dodici suonate da chiesa a 3 in the style of Arcangelo Corelli show (manuscript DD 133, Conservatory Library Bologna).

Bellinzani spent the last twenty years of his life in Recanati where the near absence of organ music stimulated him to produce religious chapel music.

Adriano Cavicchi maintains that between 1720 and 1760 Bellinzani exercised an influence on his contemporaries in the vocal field as Corelli did in the instrumental field.

The prestigious Philarmonic Academy includes artists such us Arcangelo Corelli, Giovan Battista Bassani, Benedetto Marcello, Francesco Maria Gasparini and Paolo Bellinzani.

Davide Marsano

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